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Hi WAC’ees,

You doing okay? Yes, no, sometimes. A few tears and a lot of deep breaths. I think that sums it up for most of us.  I feel and see the stress.  I also feel and see the love, support and kindness that is so very touching.

I now know what PPE means.  I am proud to have ‘ALWAYS’ been grateful for all ESSENTIAL (and non-essential) workers. We have members and friends who are on the front lines. We have members and friends who lost their jobs. I think about them a lot.

I think about the loved ones that we can’t visit for their safety.  I am a team player. But, this part is hard for me and many of you.

Keep your daily news and social media intake at a healthy minimum.  Same with alcohol and bad foods.   Avoid any unnecessary trips.

We are so lucky to live here. We have nice weather and we have SPACE!!!!! Be creative and find other places to walk/bike.  I am in love with the La Cumbre mall right now.  Also, WAC’s FB page has live workouts on MWF from 10-10:30 am until we can re-open. You can check out the workout any time.  Our WAC Library equipment program has been very successful.  The Library is still open.

 WAC is taking all the necessary steps to be ready  when we get the green light.  I hope some fresh paint will make you happy.  I am figuring out how to move the equipment around (what else is new?) to make distancing easy.  I am open to any suggestions.

No matter what.  My glass has always been half full and it is always partly sunny.

Miss you, Alice

​First and foremost, thank you for your patience during re-opening and for keeping the gym clean and safe. In light of recent events, the California Government and Santa Barbara County have re-ordered that all athletic clubs in the state cease operations until further notice.

We recognize that this is frustrating for all. We greatly appreciate all of you for sticking with us during these tough times. However, public safety is the most important consideration at this uncertain time.

As of July 13, 2020, Women's Athletic Club is closed until further notice. It will remain closed until local government directs us that we may re-open our doors. 

In the meantime, the Equipment Library is open!  Contact Alice for equipment availability and to schedule a time for pickup.

Santa Barbara, CA

Women's Athletic Club




This is what I know to be true.  A lot of us are anxious, sad, lonely, irritated and other unhappy feelings that are warranted right now.  As a natural optimist, I have felt all of that daily, sometimes hourly.  Wanting free time was a nice thing to wish for when you are always on the clock as a business owner. I did not want it ‘this’ way.  I am practicing gratitude in between reminding myself to exhale.

This is what I can control.  I know I am better off than so many people around the world right now.  Living in Santa Barbara provides us so much.  Now, more than at any other time, we have space.  There are many areas to go out, walk, get fresh air and a lighter outlook without having to worry about distance.  I am supporting every eatery possible regardless of  my uncertainty.  I have no doubt their overhead is much higher than mine.  I am loaning equipment to any member.  It’s called the WAC LIBRARY.  Just let me know what you decide to ‘check out’.  We will be doing 30 minute classes on our Facebook page and Instagram.  It will start at 10 am on Monday, 4/6 with Shevon.  It will be Monday, Wednesday and Fridays through the month of April. If you can join in, please give Shevon any feedback or suggestions.  You can also watch it later when you have time. Everyone is welcome. No charge.

I want to address memberships.  I understand why the 4/7 and 4/15 deadlines to re-open will be extended until at least 4/30. Everyone’s health and well being on this planet has value.  I have been humbled along with tears (happy) with the kindness of support from members who have reached out.  It also hurts me to the core for the members who have been affected by so many closures.  I want to thank ALL of you who have pledged to ride this out with us for the duration.  I know this is hardly a reality for most.  I thank the ones who have had to cancel with their beautiful letters of encouragement, gratitude and promising to return.  I want to thank the ones who challenge me to be a better owner and human every day.  Please e-mail WAC if you cannot continue your debits and you will not have to do it in writing.  If you can hang on to our $20 hold rate, let us know.  If you can hang on as we rise out of this virus, I will hang on. 

WAC will be BACK. That’s a FACT.

Alice Huang

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Hi WAC Community,

First, I want to thank everyone and anyone affiliated with WAC. Thank you for your patience, loyalty, touching words of support and incredible cheerleading skills!!! It hasn’t been the smoothest ride.  We all know bumps build character and are just unavoidable in life. I wish you all the fewest bumps possible. 

We are waiting for the Governor/SB County (yes, we’re in the County) to give us the ‘gym light’ to re-open.  We will let you know as soon as we do.  We like to think inside, outside and around the box for solutions at WAC.

Here are some of the ideas and procedures we plan to implement initially along with paying attention as we go:

*6 People per hour (It’s 3500 sq. ft here, no problem).  You will have to sign up through our website and you can do so 1 week at a time.  If the next hour is not filled up, feel free to stay.  Common sense is my name.

*Bring your own pen to sign in.  The desk person can do it.  We’ll have several sanitized pens at desk to use once, put into holder to clean.  You can also e-mail us if no one is at the desk and you forgot to sign in.  We do have to keep track of foot traffic.

*Bring your own towels
*Wear a mask when you first arrive and wash hands.  I don’t know if masks will be mandatory once you’re at WAC. Re-wash hands when necessary.
*We will have Clorox wipes, disinfectant all over the gym.  Use as needed.
*Please bring your own mats.  We have several mats by the front door that are free.  Come and get it.  Black mats in studio will stay.
*We have a thermometer ready to go if required. 
*Use weightlifting gloves if you have or can get them
*Please practice the 6ft. physical distancing whenever possible.  We have moved equipment around as much as possible to make it easy.
*We’re looking at face shields as an option if necessary.  I miss seeing SMILES.
*We are having custom, mobile ‘gym spacer’ plexiglass partitions being made in SB (local, of course)

We are always open to suggestions, questions and ideas.  See you as soon as this part of history allows.

Simply, THANK YOU.

for women, by women

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