Santa Barbara, CA

Women's Athletic Club

for women, by women


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GUIDELINES (as of 9/5/21)

Thanks to all WAC'ees that help everyone stay healthy and safe!

  • Mask mandate is still in effect indoors.
  • Some changes since everyone has been so great:
    • Masks off if only 1 member is in the cardio machine area and 2 members in the main room for a max of 3 people.  Plus keep at least 10-12 feet apart.
    • Masks off in the studio for 2 members only if studio doors are open and 8-10 feet apart.
    • Masks off in the back room if you are the only member in there.
    • Keep masks on when moving about when other members are here.
  • Please remember to bring your own towel and mat.
  • We will get through this with courtesy, common sense, grace and kind humor.

When the going gets tough, go to WAC.