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4141 State Street, Suite D1-2, Santa Barbara CA 93110   (805) 845-4545

how much does it cost?

A session at WAC can range from $30-$75.  Most sessions are 60 minutes.  The trainer and client can confer and decide on what’s best in attaining a reasonable and successful workout routine.


how do I know who is the best trainer for me?

Contact Alice Huang and she will be happy to help you decide who is the best fit to stay fit!


who are the trainers?


ALICE HUANG   (805) 845-4545 

CINDY EBADI    (805) 331-3094
DANI TERVO   (805) 698-8075
LEXY GETSCSS   (715) 338-4914 
MOLLY GORDON  (530) 219-9538
SHEVON HOOVER  (805) 280-1245


WAC's goal is for every member to feel comfortable in our club no matter what fitness level and/or experience.

​If you are a novice, the number one reason to hire a trainer is for proper form.  This encompasses safety, selecting the best exercises, proper amount of weight and cardio required for a smooth entry into what can be a very daunting environment. 

If you are a seasoned ‘gym rat’, it is always a good idea to have someone re-evaluate your workout routine. Then structure an enhanced & improved routine tailored to your specifics needs.

​Other reasons to hire a trainer include: having one less thing to ‘think’ about, personal accountability, getting past the dreaded plateaus and more!

why hire a trainer?

Personal training is usually a one on one session lasting between 30 and 90 minutes.  The trainer works with the client on their particular goals and needs to help sustain the healthiest possible lifestyle.  Our trainers can also train small groups (usually 4 or less) and sharing the cost can make it more feasible along with having someone else to share the experience.